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Обновление CSS - Patch v1807769 (v80)
[ · Скачать удаленно (30,6 МБ) · Скриншот ] 28.08.2013, 12:50
26.06.13 вышло очередное обновление для Counter-Strike: Source. Список изменений и нововведений можно найти в полной новости. А сам патч для но-стим клиентов находится чуть ниже. Вам необходимо его скачать и распаковать в папку со своей пираткой.

Список изменений:

  • Added "Only allow map files" to the possible selections in the download filter option for clients
  • Network interpolation and update convars can no longer be changed when playing. To configure these convars, players must not be connected to a server or must join the spectators.
  • Fixed a client crash related to the material system
  • Fixed a client crash when downloading custom maps for the Mac version
  • Fixed browser cookies not persisting across game restarts
  • Fixed the in-game UI not using the Language setting from the game's Properties dialog in the Steam UI
  • Fixed the game failing to launch on Mac OS X 10.5
  • Fixed mat_viewportupscale using an error material for clients using DirectX8
  • Removed range restrictions from viewmodel_fov_demo
Updated the Linux version:
  • Fixed triggers never registering as "released" on certain game controllers
  • Fixed clipboard issues on some window managers, most notably KDE
  • Fixed a bug where the map list would be reversed
  • Made loading custom fonts for third party HUDs work on certain fonts
  • Improved performance and stability
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